What is an industrial solvent? Where is solvent used?

Solvents are divided into four main groups as transparent colored Oxygenated, Hydrocarbon, Halogenated and Biological solvents, which are used in many areas of the industrial industry such as solvent removers. Solvents are chemical substances with their own unique odors, depending on their chemical structure, which are also used to thin materials suitable for their derivatives.

What are solvents and what are their disadvantages? What is solvent?

The word meaning is the chemical used as a solvent. Solvent, which is used in many areas in the industrial field, is commonly used in thinning, removing or dissolving a chemical material. Although solvents are usually colorless, they can be easily colored. However, solvents have more than one distinguishing feature. Solvents can be flammable and combustible, as well as flammable and non-flammable solvents are available. However, there are odorless solvents as well as odorless solvents. The most important distinguishing feature of solvents is their ability to remove oil, which is also called oil saturation point.

Where is Industrial Solvent Used?

Generally, these requests are;

1-Solvent-based degreaser (solvent) solvent,

2-Solvent Based Paint Removers

When it comes to industrial oil remover solvent, it covers a very wide area depending on the usage and application area. If we talk about our own field that we dominate;

Metal surface cleaning before painting, in other words, oil remover solvents used in degreasing process, oil remover Solvent These are the chemicals used to prepare the surface of the metal for painting before painting. No matter how good the quality of the paint is, if the process to be done on the surface is not done before the paint, it is inevitable that after a certain time, depending on the environment it is in, the paint peels off and the corrosion, that is, the corrosive effect, begins, since its resistance to cold, heat, dust, soil, rain, etc. will be low. is the case.

In fact, what needs to be done here is to take the necessary actions according to the suitability of our facility in order to make the surface of the metal to be painted ready for painting. If these processes are indispensable, that is, what must be done is to clean the surface of the metal with a degreaser solvent and to apply the degreasing methods under appropriate conditions.

What are these methods?

  1. To degrease the surface using a degreasing solvent (the simplest method)
  2. To degrease the surface with an alkaline water-based degreaser (the simplest method)
  3. With a product with an acidic character, water-based iron phosphate feature, remove oil and rust By cleaning the product, iron phosphate is exposed on the surface of the metal due to the acidic structure of the product, and to ensure that the paint adheres to the surface better. (medium hard)
  4. By establishing alkaline degreasing + passivation + iron phosphate + passivation baths, we can bring the surface of the metal to the painting stage. (hard)

(As iron phosphate coating is a very detailed subject… we will touch on it.

Even a primer paint cannot be applied to an oily surface, and it cannot be said that the paint made is long-lasting. You can make oil from the surface of the metal with our solvent-based degreaser solvent products. Oil removal, that is, oil cleaning, can be done in three different ways.

These methods are;

-Degreasing method is in the form of degreasing -Degreasing by immersion system
-Degreasing by spraying method.

Although these processes seem to be different from each other, the main purpose is to clean the oil of the metal, iron and metal sheet metal surface. Depending on the condition of our facility and the work we will do, we can clean the oil on the existing surface by choosing any of the methods we have mentioned above. No matter how big our facility is, even if the desired environment has been created, the above-mentioned wiping or spraying method of degreasing will be the most cost-effective for us to clean the metals that are so large that we cannot dip.

If the metals we are going to do oil cleaning are in a size that we can dip, we can make the surface of our metals ready for paint by dipping with the help of a tin with a lid and a barrel. Oil cleaning can be done with a spray gun. With the help of the nozzle in the nozzle of the paint gun, the intensity of spraying on the surface can be adjusted. Cleaning the oil with the wiping method can be done with the help of a cloth. The solvent oil taken into the cloth is applied to the surface to be cleaned and wiping is performed to clean the oil on the surface . In the three processes we mentioned above, the most important thing is the choice of product selection.


Solvents are used in many fields. Solvents can be used in paint making, removers, solvents, dilution processes, cleaning processes, specifically oil cleaning, metal surface treatment chemical, dry cleaning.  In the industrial industry, it is generally preferred because it absorbs the oil without remaining on the surface and cleans the surface from oil and dirt. It is preferred because it moves away from the surface quickly and after removing the oil without leaving any residue on the surface and without the need for physical intervention.


We mentioned above that solvents have more than one feature. Solvents are industrial products that must be handled with extreme care. Particular attention should be paid to ensure that they are not flammable or combustible. With a momentary mistake, a fire may occur in a short period of time and it will not be easy to extinguish the fire due to the properties of the solvent-based remover product. However, prolonged inhalation, swallowing or contact with skin will harm human health. When using it, it will be necessary to use protective gloves and a mask.


Solvents are used for cleaning metal surfaces before painting, oil cleaning, machine cleaning, plastic parts cleaning. Although we have many product types for these, special solvents can be developed according to your demands.

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