Hello friends, this article will be about the Lightless Universe. The Lightless Universe : It’s nice to see. It’s nice to see people, trees, stars. Take the light out of your life for a moment. Imagine a universe without light. How come?

It would be hard to tell if you’re even alive. Is human life possible in a lightless universe?

There is no light. Can we see then? Our eyes mean nothing. Let’s look at it in terms of plants.

How do photosynthesizing plants live without light?

Can life survive in a world without plants?

Of course no. We need the light. If I’m not mistaken the stars are our only natural source of light at the moment. We have no other source. So what is the source of this light? Fusion !

We see the light of the energy released as a result of the fusion that takes place in the stars. In fact, I can say that we are products of the stars. The product of stars in carbon, the basis of our life. We all came from the light of the stars. It is our most natural right to know what is going on where we come from. I said fusion. So what is fusion?

Fusion is the separation of two atomic nuclei at a very high temperature (this temperature must be stronger than the energy that holds the nucleus of the atom together) and then combine to form a new atom. So we have two hydrogen atoms. At high temperatures, the particles in the core have moved away from each other and are ready to coalesce by cooling again. A hydrogen atom has 1 proton and 1 electron. We separated two of them and we got 2 protons and 2 electrons. What happens if we combine them? We have an atom with 2 protons and 2 electrons. It’s no longer hydrogen, it’s helium. The stars do the same for converting helium to beryllium. And then carbons begin to form.

We do not have this technology today. We cannot artificially fuse. Maybe one day we can. If what it would be if we were able to Fusion ? First of all, we could have the energy that the stars have. We could have our own artificial sun. We could produce precious metals like gold. But for now, these are a distant possibility for us. Well, let’s go back. I said light. But do we know the light exactly? There are those who know, but since we are a little far from reading as a society, I would like to tell you that the light is not just what we see. Infrared, ultraviolet, gamma, visible region lights etc. there is. Our eyes are limited to visible-zone lights. We cannot see infrared and ultraviolet light. But they are there. How do we know?Our phones have cameras, right? Many of these cameras can detect infrared light. It is also produced in LEDs that emit infrared and ultraviolet light. They are generally used in security systems. The sensors are being made. And from here we come to the conclusion that it is in different lights that we do not see but know exist. When we open the controls in our hands and look inside, we see leds inside. But none of us has ever seen a light come out of the remote. Just because we don’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

First of all, this prejudice in many people must be defeated. Maybe you will say, “What did he start the article and what does he say now”. But that’s what I wanted to tie up on the subject from the very beginning. Addressing the prejudice against science in humans . And I wanted to do that by giving information. Maybe many of those reading this article would have said the same things and passed on if I had written something different in the title, for example, “Science in Turkey”.

At first, I considered a lightless universe concretely. Now I want you to think about people’s attitudes towards reading and their desire to learn, as a universe without light. There are all the lights in the universe and also the invisible lights. Here is our desire to learn in them. Since we cannot see the invisible, we will be more successful if we try to see it without taking a nap.

If we adopt it by researching and learning instead of believing something blindly in our lives, instead of approaching everything with prejudice, we will say, “Why not?”We can come to a better place. My purpose in writing this article is to push people to think a little bit. Maybe it will seem to you that the beginning and the end are independent of each other. But they are very interconnected. You thought concretely, now think abstractly. I said we don’t come from the stars. In other words, we were formed as a result of knowledge. This information may be in our genes. I said carbon is the basis of life. Think of carbon as what we know. If a person does not know how to eat, he will starve. And lastly, I pointed out that light is divided into what we can see and what we can’t. Think as those who believe in something without thinking, researching and wondering about the light of the region we can see. Think of the light of the region that we cannot see as people who think, research and wonder. visible zone light, it occupies a very small part of the light spectrum, and people here are little aware of the truth. But those in the light of the unseen region are aware of the facts and go deeper and improve themselves all the time. Remember, the highest energy light is in the invisible region. Now it’s your turn to choose.

Which region are you the light of

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