Spiritualism generally means spiritualism. It deals with all spiritual matters. In a narrower sense, it is considered a religious concept. This religious meaning includes spiritual concepts such as the afterlife and eternity. Spiritualism differs from other disciplines of spiritual thought with its definite boundaries and basic understanding. Despite these differences in understanding basic forms of religiosity and spirituality , in so many words in the language used synonymously. This is most common in English words.

Spirituality is expressed as spirituality, spirituality and spiritism. It is used to have an opposite meaning to the thought of materialism, which means materialism. Since it is also included in major religions, it can be considered as a way to God. Applying this understanding as a way of life is thought to be taqwa, the way to reach God. Psychologists, on the other hand, interpret that for spiritualism, understanding is the most important and privileged form of existence. In this context, they define a person’s life by discovering his own existence and power.

As it is understood, spiritualism does not mean that one lives religious concepts in a spirituality. One does not need to turn his back on all material things. Spiritualism defines an intelligible reality despite being transmaterial. It examines issues such as the greatest power for being, awakening, and understanding recognition. As a discipline; questioning attitude in thought, belief-based acceptance, consciousness-based actions are on the side. In addition, many philosophers argue that if certain characteristics are possessed, one can realize the importance of one’s own life. No matter which creator one believes in, if he does not have these characteristics, he cannot fully grasp the spirituality in him. The specified features are as follows.

  • Praying, Believing in God and Understanding Him
  • to know, to know and to understand
  • Having faith and spirituality
  • broad thinking, tolerance and feeling
  • Perceiving the world and the environment from oneself
  • Have a deep respect and consideration
  • be cool and meditation make

What Does Spiritual Mean?

Spiritual literally means spiritual. It forms the basis of the term spiritualism. This term is derived from the Latin word spiritus, which means spirit . The word spiritualis, which is the adjective of the same word, forms the term in the sense of spiritism. It means spiritualism in English. Existence is defined as a psychic structure separate and independent from the body.metaphysics represents an opinion.

Many schools, movements and groups within the religious, philosophical and mystical fields call themselves spiritualists . However, there is a significant difference between them in terms of their principles, views and concepts. Basically, their common point is that they accept the existence of the soul, which is a spiritual element. However, when examined in detail, it can be seen that the ways of defining the soul are also different. While some groups do not accept the soul as unique, other groups do not accept that the soul is in continuous development. Other groups believe in reincarnation and see reincarnation as possible for the soul. These acceptance differences have created two main distinctions about spiritualism.

  • Spiritualism as a Philosophy: It is the defense that the soul exists as a substance by many philosophers since ancient times. However, some philosophers did not accept the soul as a unique and fundamental substance.
  • Spiritualism as Experimental: It is the first systematic form of spiritism, which developed from the period of the ancient philosophers until the 19th century without being attached to a certain system, and later founded by Allan Kardec in France, which accepts the continuous reincarnation of the soul. It is known as Spiritism in European countries and as Cardesism in Latin American countries.

It cannot be said that every school, movement or group that uses the word spiritual accepts the reincarnation of the soul, that is, reincarnation. This word is generally used by those who accept the existence of the soul. Another common belief is that the spiritual is strictly the opposite of materialism. Although this view is valid for some currents, it does not cover all views of spiritualism. There are views that defend the unity of the soul and the body and criticize the disconnection from the materialist view.

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What is Spiritual Journey?

Spiritualism has recently been discussed in terms of the individual, the person’s own existence. Almost everyone has their own sense of spirituality. Some people try to make sense of it by asking questions about it. Others prefer to live within themselves rather than expressing their spirituality. But most believers accept and believe in the spiritual journey as supernatural. The most important thing accepted on the basis of this journey is to find meaning in one’s own existence.

Spiritual journey is the search for true spiritual journeys. This quest is the discovery of the subject of life and who one really is. It brings to the fore that life is more than daily hassles, it is more important than hoarding possessions. It provides the realization that even suffering in the face of bad situations is possible through any spiritual source. Otherwise, he says that the person will feel inadequate. Spiritual travel provides resources for coping with adversity.

Most people look for outside guidance as they begin their spiritual journey. He wants to benefit from experiences that have already completed his spiritual journey. But spiritualism has humble origins. No one can predict which road another person will take, who they will meet, or their endpoint. This is what you need to know for the spiritual journey. One must know one’s own soul.

There are certain stages in order to realize a spiritual journey. The purpose of these stages is to get the person to think more about spirituality. A person’s understanding of spirituality has a great influence on his life. Spiritual journey stages are: setting intentions and reinforcing determined intentions day by day, allowing the soul to lead the journey, examining the experiences of those who have made this journey before, aiming for a self-based journey, using the strong emotions experienced to strengthen the spirituality and starting the journey from that point, turning to God for help , practice and not despair in the face of unanswered questions.

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Spiritual Life

Spiritual life is the lifestyle of people who aim to raise awareness about these secrets by mastering the secrets of the other world. People with this lifestyle, developed within the framework of spiritualism, keep a distance from everything material. The dependence on the material world is rejected. It is mainly considered the power of spirituality and spirit. Spirituality is prioritized in decisions and actions taken throughout life. With the spiritual journey to the inner world, spiritual serenity is reached.

It is necessary to have a spiritual awareness in order to adopt and maintain this lifestyle. It is believed that every person who comes to the world has a spiritual energy in the first place. This energy weakens when people turn to materialism. Awareness is lost and the doors to the other world are closed.

In order to gain spiritual awareness, one must listen to himself, accept his own right and wrong, and forgive himself. He should drive away his negative thoughts, summoning only positive energy. Selfishness and arrogance are concepts that have absolutely no place in spiritual life. In order to get rid of them, one needs to get rid of their egos. Loving and accepting everything that a person has increases his/her spiritual awareness. During the spiritual life, the most correct activity suitable for spiritual awakening is meditation. Meditation prevents confusion and helps to get away from worries. The most important thing for this way of life is to stop dealing with matter and seek meaning.

What is Spiritualism?

It is a discipline that rejects materialism and focuses on the spirit and spirituality. It tries to examine the spiritual being. The concepts he is interested in are spiritual and spiritual concepts.

What Does Spiritualism Mean?

Its meaning has developed and expanded in the process. It basically means spiritualism. The word meaning is derived from the word spirit.

What is the Philosophy of Spiritualism?

This type of philosophy studies the spiritual being. It is accepted that the soul exists as a human substance. However, some of the philosophers involved in this philosophical thought did not accept that souls are unique.

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