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The English abbreviation of NLP is “Neuro Linguistic Programming”, which emerged in the early 1970s by the linguist Richard Bandler and the mathematician John Grinder . The brain ensures that all our organs live in a healthy way. This programming model, which focuses on the brain, is applied to make automatic thinking and behavior processes conscious. It is a movement developed in USA. Examines the underlying causes of coincidental events. It is also called Neural Language Programming in our country . It is a type of practice that overcomes all problems known as mind control method.

NLP, which enables the discovery of personal skills and abilities and the reinforcement of existing ones, covers a series of methods. People’s reactions, forms of communication and behavioral models form the infrastructure. NLP techniques ; Psychology, Philology,Cybernetics and is developed in the light of sciences such as Neurology. It carries easy, fast and verifiable results. It helps the person to make the change they need comfortably. Other concepts by which NLP is defined; Neuro Linguistics is the Science of Neuro-Associative Conditioning and NAC with Neuro-Language and Brain Language Programming.

In Which Fields Is NLP Applied To Whom?

It is applied by professionals who have obtained NLP, Practitioner and Master Practitioner certificates. It is a pseudoscience that helps people in subjects such as establishing a healthy communication, being successful and productive. It is applied to adults who care about their health, know what they want and are open to change. A better, healthy and happy life is aimed. Application areas and examples of NLP;

  • Healthy life and sports: Creating goals and motivation, rearranging eating habits,concentration increasing.
  • Education and training: Getting rid of test anxiety and learning barriers, building self-esteem and self-confidence, easy learning.
  • Business life: Leadership improving their skills, improving the emotions that cause stress and anxiety, providing strong communication.
  • Personal development: Anger, emotion and excitement control, development of decision-making skills, acquisition of new behaviors and change of existing ones.
  • Psychotherapy: Healing health problems such as panic attacks, sexual problems, anxiety disorders and depression, getting rid of harmful habits and social phobias.

NLP is used in these areas as well as politics, pregnancy and child development, creativity and art. coaching It is a method that is also applied in the branches. Each field has its own different dynamics. Successful results are obtained with appropriate techniques.


What Are the Building Blocks of NLP?

It refers to the science of Neurology, which argues that experiences are realized consciously or unconsciously. Linguistics refers to how people communicate. Programming says that behavior and thought will be reproduced. The building blocks of NLP working on all these;

  • Behavioral Flexibility: It supports individuals to be flexible. It means easy adaptation to the new one.
  • Friendly Relationship: It means establishing solid relationships with others. It improves the communication power of the individual and ensures a healthy life.
  • Sensory Awareness: Provides knowledge about sounds, colors and smells. This element, which sharpens your senses, helps you pay attention to those around you.
  • Consequential Approach: It is the beginning to think about his wishes in the face of a negative situation. It makes it easy for individuals to make the best decisions and choices for their life.

NLP Techniques And Their Benefits

NLP is applied with 5 basic techniques. What are these techniques? Like this;

  • External Observation: When the individual experiences a negative situation, he or she visualizes the event in detail. This is repeated until the brain calms down. Himself stress He gets rid of negative emotions by watching the situation that puts him into it.
  • Recreation: It works in situations where the person is helpless. It allows him to look at the situation he is in from a different perspective.
  • Anchoring/Anchoring: It means fixing oneself to a positive emotion. While it helps to get rid of negative emotions, it helps to improve the time lived.
  • Harmony/Mirror: Your effective communicationgives the address. It enables people to establish a healthy relationship with their co-workers or family.
  • Belief Change: It is a technique for people to get rid of their limiting beliefs. Thus, people feel more flexible and free.

Example Sentences of NLP Statements

NLP allows people to meet new emotional and behavioral options. There are some assumptions in every branch of science. These help people express themselves correctly . It guides you to get the desired results. These sentences, which enable them to gain flexibility, also support your affirmation. Examples of these sentences;

  • Every person is valuable.
  • Behaviors have a positive side.
  • If a person is learning something, anyone can do it.
  • The responses received ensure that the communication is meaningful.
  • It should be changed when the determined goals cannot be achieved with the planned way and method.

The methodology has been carried to the present day as a relic of ancient Greece. It is more of a philosophical term. Returning to our subject, it is the way used to achieve one’s own personal goals. The first positive thing to say about NLP benefits is that it can reveal the potential and awareness within oneself. NLP has been shown to be the best way to impose a phenomenon or anything on your brain. To summarize; It is a behavior and a method that includes technique. It is also a sub-discipline. The main thing is to fully use the human brain in NLP.

What are the NLP Benefits?

We have shared a brief introduction to the benefits of NLP above. If we continue under this heading;

  • It provides the skill and helps him to develop it better. The person will gain self-confidence with the NLP program. In this way, the person will be able to communicate and express himself better with different individuals.
  • By using the NLP technique, the individual changes the negative atmosphere in the environment he is in and transforms it into a positive one. Planning ahead, not sticking to the past. Being happy with it is possible with NLP programming.
  • In general, the application has a structure that will expand everyone’s perspective and horizons.
  • Perhaps most importantly, NLP teaches people how to say no. Of course, this is not always the case. He should be able to say no and show his attitude when necessary. With the program, individuals can also find the opportunity to break their own taboos.
  • The program also offers you better emotional opportunity. According to the events and phenomena in the brain, you will be able to control the emotional mood even more. Like a mechanism, your mood will be in your own hands.
  • With NLP, the individual will adopt an identity of respect as well as self-confidence. He will take care of himself and will not lack respect in his own identity. The behavior to be done in this way will also affect the people who are against it.

NLP and its Added Values ​​in Daily Life

nlp faydalari ve merak 3

It is known that NLP adds more than one benefit to our daily lives with its benefits. During our daily life, we interact and communicate with many people both at work and outside of work. In daily life with people constantly; we experience concepts such as speaking, exchanging ideas, understanding and telling. An ordinary person, did I tell the truth about the person he was talking to, or did the other party not understand me? Could I explain it in the right language and style? looks for questions. But NLP training If the recipient is a person, did I convey what I wanted to say and the message correctly rather than these questions? he asks himself the question. Individuals who have received visual training in programming can communicate more quickly in daily life. Accordingly, when communication or interaction with people increases, the quality of life of people automatically increases.

The person who learns the system does not see the problems he experiences as a problem for himself. He sees it more as a stepping stone to himself. Ordinary people overestimate these problems. However, those who receive training know how to turn the problems into an advantage. Thanks to NLP, people begin to live more solution-oriented. It adopts a more constructive attitude towards the troubles and problems experienced in daily life and at work. Instead of adding a new problem to the problems, he tries to find solutions quickly and immediately. In this way, the individual becomes even happier in his normal life.

Is NLP Education Helpful?

Along with NLP, bilateral relations can also give better results. online education Dialogues conducted by the person who receives NLP training , which is given as an NLP, are more productive. Thanks to programming, a positive and positive approach can be provided for special loved ones. In this way, the quality and bond between individuals increases. It seems quite possible to see NLP benefits in every aspect of daily life. Someone who knows NLP is also very effective in field sales. He expresses himself easily and can make positive sales. If we look at different sectors; A teacher who has received training is also more conscious of students and knows what to do.

It can increase the motivation level of students to higher levels. A coach, coach or trainer who knows NLP; he can take care of his team or athletes more closely. It can be more moderate and positive in the face of daily troubles. With the level of education he has received, it is ensured that the day passes better. As a result, we can say that the benefits of NLP on a daily basis in the long term and in the short term are quite high. You can develop individually by taking advantage of the training of programming. In this way, you can be the people who solve the problems, not the ones who cause problems in every environment. You can work solution-oriented and create a positive atmosphere in communications. NLP techniqueclerk Those who apply it can increase the quality of their daily life.

nlp faydalari ve merak 4

Examples of Failure with the NLP Technique

We have heard the stories of different people in the world from failure to success since the past. Some are basketball players, some statesmen, some are geniuses. What they all have in common is that they fail at a young age. But by enduring this, they became the most successful people in the world. Some of those; Henry Ford, Michael Jordon, Albert Einstein, Elvis Presley, Winston Churchill and one of us is Barış Manço.

Can NLP training be taken online?

It is a fact that people have time constraints and they spend some of it working. As such, courses and trainings are usually taken online.

How to take an NLP course through the institute?

It is very easy to get it by entering the Istanbul Business Institute website and participating in the NLP course program here . You can get training from anywhere with internet access and live support and lessons.

How is the certificate given after NLP Training?

After training on NLP, certificate by achievementis given. This certificate is not a certificate of participation, but a certificate of achievement. In other words, at the end of the training and courses, a certificate of success is given according to the success score by taking the exam.

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