If your soul is outside your body, even if you are aware of it but not dead. Sounds a little creepy and weird, right? Those who are interested in spiritualism and occultism are actually guessing how the rest of the article will go. Our topic is astral travel. Those who do not know about it can continue reading to learn the details. To fully understand astral projection, you must first master the concepts of spiritualism and occultism.

Spiritualism means spiritism and covers spiritual matters. Its religious meaning can be described as other world and eternity. Occultism is a door-opening for the realization of secret teachings. It tends to explain the truth behind the visible and the purpose of life. Situations such as fortune telling, magic, etc. are within the boundaries of occultism. Theosophy, on the other hand, was formed by the combination of the words god and knowledge.

Astral travel is one of the most interesting topics. Astral travel is done using certain substances. Astral travel can be defined as the separation of the body from the soul. Whether astral projection is harmful or not is still being investigated today. Prior knowledge is very important before astral projection. People who are new to astral travel are wondering and researching how to do astral travel.

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What is Astral Travel?

The word astral means soul in origin. Astral travel is known as the soul leaving the body while alive and going to another place. Astral projection can occur both in the sleep state and in the waking state. It is a form of travel that allows the soul to travel consciously or unconsciously. Astral travel is expressed as a parapsychological concept. Its history goes back to ancient times.

In order to better understand astral travel, it is very important to fully understand the concept of lucid dreaming. Lucid is also known as the art of dream control. Lucid dreaming is also known as the first phase of astral travel.

Astral projection is the movement of the soul to a different dimension by leaving your body for a short time. Astral travel, also known as a spiritual journey, is not a physical and physical journey. In short, it is also known as the wandering of the being by leaving the body. Thanks to astral travel, it is thought that the soul can travel between countries and even between planets.

Can your soul leave your body under your supervision? Can he travel, go wherever he wants and then return to your body whenever you want? Astral travel makes this possible, we can simply call it out-of-body experience. The concept of astral travel is related to spiritualism, occultism and theosophy.

There is a conscious sleep state in the logic of astral projection. So you fell asleep and went and sat, of course, in such a case astral travel would not be possible. It is possible to go to another city, country, continent or even galaxies without completely severing the soul’s relationship with the body (it is stated that the soul is connected to the body with a silver cord, and if the cord breaks, death occurs). Physical objects, ie walls or doors, are not an obstacle. The only difference from dreaming is that in your dream you are unconscious, but in astral projection you are conscious.

Preparation for Astral Travel

The Monroe Institute, the name of The Monroe Institute, the founder of the most prominent research institutions in the field of human consciousness, examined how the astral travel should be done in 1971 with his study called “Journey Out of the Body”. The steps in this study are:

First you need to relax both physically and mentally.

You have to enter a hypnaagogic state or fall half asleep.

You need to deepen the situation by prioritizing mental sensation over physical sensation.

You need to pay attention to the presence of a distinct vibration in your environment in a situation that arises meticulously.

You have to physically apply the vibration in your body. With this vibration you need to relax. The purpose of this is to gently shake the slender body out of the physical body.

You need to focus your thoughts on leaving the trunk and limbs and try to do it one more time at a time.

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Astral Travel Techniques

There are many techniques in preparation for astral travel and these techniques help relax your mind and body, providing an easy transition.

  • Breathing Technique: You should learn to breathe correctly in your normal life. You should breathe using your diaphragm, not just your lungs. Exhale as you breathe in. So if you breathe in for 5 seconds, take 5 seconds to exhale. In this way, you can relax and deceive your consciousness quickly into sleep.
  • Relaxation Technique: You cannot astral travel with a tense body. You can relax your body with correct breathing, but you should also support this with sports and know every muscle.
  • Conservation and Imagination Technique: Before you can travel, you have to imagine your soul leaving your body. In the meantime, you should not be afraid. Fear leads to anxious thoughts and the protection mechanism is activated and the soul returns to the body. Therefore, you should be in the best position you can concentrate.
  • Dream Diary: You should write down the dreams you see, with all the details. Before you go on an astral projection, you must learn to control your dreams. So you should see “ Lucid Dreaming ”. Lucid dreaming is the state of controlling your dream by becoming conscious of being in a dream, and it is the first step of a kind of astral travel.
  • The Rope Technique: We can convey that it is a technique for those who have difficulty separating their soul and body. Imagine that there is one hanging from the sky and hold it with your hand and feel your soul slowly leaving.
  • Dark Cell Technique: Imagine yourself being locked in a dark place, feel that there is light in a very small place, and imagine that you are slowly climbing the ladder to reach the light. It will help you with astral projection.

Anyone who wants to astral travel cannot do it at any time. You have to prepare your mind and body for this. In fact, many people say that they went on a diet days before they experienced it, did not eat meat for a long time, and consumed plenty of fluids. Astral travel takes place in 10 steps. The first 3 steps are the preparatory phase, the next 4 steps are for your soul to start moving from your body, the last 3 phases are about exploration.

  • Step 1: Generally, everyone tries astral projection before going to bed in the evening, but the transition is not easy as your body is tired. Therefore, at dawn in the morning, being half asleep but rested will increase your awareness even more.
  • Step 2: You must create the right and appropriate atmosphere in a comfortable location of your home. It will be better for you to be alone, no sound should disturb you. You must relax completely, relax mentally and physically.
  • Step 3: Get into a lying position where you choose and clear your mind of all thoughts. Relax all your muscles and don’t let tension build up in your body. Regulate your breathing and begin to breathe deeply. Leave all your anxious thoughts behind by keeping your eyes half-closed.
  • Step 4: Try to be between wakefulness and sleep, but you must remain conscious. With your eyes closed, move your body in your mind. The act of moving will not happen physically, it will happen in your mind. Focus on moving your whole body by visualizing your movements.
  • Step 5: When your body and soul are ready, you will begin to feel the vibrations. Do not be alarmed and free yourself from the vibrations.
  • Step 6: When you feel ready with the vibrations, move your body from your feet to your head. Get out of bed and look at yourself lying still. If you see it, it means you have succeeded. However, if you can’t see it, you have to start the process from the beginning.
  • Step 7: Do not forget that you are connected to your body with a silver cord, and actually move your hands and feet that you move in your mind.
  • We have told you that the last 3 steps are about discovering astral travel, these steps are more about the discoveries you will make in your next travels.
  • Step 8: It will be enough for you to see yourself on your first try and walk around the room you are lying in . In your next attempt, leave the room in the house where your body is and go to a different room and examine the differences in that room and try to see details that you have not seen before.
  • Step 9: It is time to go to places where you are not physically present. First, write down the details you see with astral travel and compare your notes when you visit physically after your astral travel.
  • Step 10: Practice and return to your body. Note that it is quite a long experience.

You can try all these techniques and eventually fail. Exactly why you failed concentration It’s because you can’t get it. fear of failure It shouldn’t stop you from trying again. You should fully imagine your soul leaving your body and not be afraid of it.

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How to Astral Travel?

Today, research on astral travel still continues. In order to do astral travel, you definitely need to learn about this travel. First of all, the bed on which you will astral travel should be very comfortable.

You need to completely cut off contact with the outside world in a quiet environment by lying on a comfortable bed. Then you have to look at the ceiling carefully and constantly, purifying your soul completely. For this, it is very important that the environment is comfortable, quiet and the temperature is ideal. For astral projection to take place, the brain must be in the alpha position.

Is Astral Travel Dangerous?

Astral travel, which is defined as the separation of the soul from the body among the people, has recently become very popular. There is no proven information about the harms of astral travel, which is a spiritual subject and there are various claims about it. However, it is recommended that people with various health problems such as heart and nerve disease and hypertension should not try astral projection.

When Should Astral Traveling Be Done?

Instead of astral projection at night, it is a very suitable time to start astral projection right before you fall asleep and especially in the early morning when you still feel sleepy. Some people find that around dawn it will be easier to reach the necessary state of relaxation and higher awareness. It is possible to astral travel at any time of the day and at any time of the day. There are no hard and fast rules set in this regard.

You can perform a simple astral projection according to a personal preference or when you are authorized to do so. Astral projection requires a state of deep relaxation. Therefore, it should be done in a part of your home at a time when you are completely comfortable. Lying on your bed or sofa, you need to relax your mind and body.

Can Astral Travel Be Done With Someone Else?

It is easier to astral travel alone than with someone else in the room. When you sleep with a partner, you need to choose a room other than the bedroom in order to astral travel. To do this, you need to choose a good time when no one enters the room.

Preparing the Body for Astral Travel

In the room you choose, you need to try to relax yourself by sitting back. You need to close your eyes and try to get rid of all the thoughts that are bothering you. You should try not to think about anything else by concentrating on your body. The main purpose of this is to reach a state of complete mental and physical relaxation.

You need to relax your body well by stretching your muscles. You should start loosening movements with your toes and slowly work your way up from your body towards your head. You need to make sure that every muscle is completely relaxed.

You need to take deep breaths and exhale all the breath you take. You need to focus only on relaxation, without feeling the tension in your chest and shoulders. You need to reconcile yourself from outside worries and thoughts. You can prepare your body for astral travel by calming down and busy with the thought of reflecting your soul from your body.

What is a Hypnotic State?

The hypnotic state is also known as the hypnagogic state. You need to let our mind and body sleep. But you have to be careful not to lose your consciousness completely while doing this. Being on the edge of both wakefulness and sleep is referred to as a hypnotic state. This is necessary for astral projection to take place. The soul always remains connected to the body by an invisible force. Sometimes this tie is described as a “silver cord”. Astral travel needs to be done in a controlled and conscious way.

Best Astral Travel Movies

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to come across a movie directly related to this subject. The sequel of the most successful movie ever made has already arrived. In general, we can share movie recommendations as follows.

    • Inspired Realm: It doesn’t take long for a couple with children to realize that strange things are happening at home. The places of things change, voices are heard and their sons do not wake up from their sleep. Events with home psychic summons will continue to surprise them.
    • Inner Realm 2 : In the movie, which was shot as a sequel to the first movie, the couple, who thought they got rid of the spirits, will start to live their nightmare again.
    • Inspired Realm 3: The scenario is slightly changed and the events take place in the years before the first two films. It is based on the intersection of the paths of the family with a girl trying to contact her mother’s spirit.
  • Astral Travel: The Turkish-made movie is a movie shot on this subject, although it does not meet the expectations. In the scenario, which is based on the astral travel experiments of three girlfriends, they get rid of the demon that haunts them with black magic.
  • Doctor Strange: Although the subject is not exactly astral travel, it may attract your attention because Doctor Strange can travel between universes.

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